Our Area of Focus



ConnectNGrow is committed to developing a platform for mentors worldwide and students in various subjects.

Digital Literacy

important to develop an individual’s ability to find, evaluate and validate the information as well as communicating through various digital platforms

Women Empowerment

ConnectNGrow aspires to extend the platform for the education, awareness, and training for women to enhance social and economic empowerment

Youth Development

We want to prepare the young person to meet the challenges in the world and offer various emotional, social, cognitive competencies to help them with full potential.

Our Achievements

150+ Women Taught

Weekly lessons to develop skills around grammar, vocabulary, and conversation in day-to-day life.

250+ Youth Mentored

Our classes help the youth become more prone to get accepted in job offers, and we hope to motivate them to become independent and self-sufficient.

200+ School Kids Tutored

Classes to help kids become more aware of digital literacy, an essential part of life that everyone should know.

$ 9000 raised during COVID

Because of COVID-19, many senior citizens are vulnerable. Our campaign helped to raise a total of $9,000.

$ 3000 raised for Education

Raised funds which helped to improve the classroom facilities, as well as hire more tutors.

$ 4000 for Philanthropic Hackathon

Code for Cause is the first philanthropic hackathon for high schoolers, where hackers can improve their coding skills while making an impact on their community by assisting their local non-profits.


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