Digital Literacy

About Project:

Digital Literacy is an essential part of life that everyone should know to be able to communicate nowadays. Learning simple things about how the internet works allows you to find, use, and create info online efficiently. These days, grandparents want to be able to talk to their grandkids who are living in a different city, state, or even country! However, they don’t know and/or understand how it works. By teaching everyone digital literacy, we are able to connect people and teach them how to grow!


At ConnectNGrow, we believe access to information has become easier through the internet, mobile phones, and various social media applications. It has become more important to develop an individual’s ability to find, evaluate and validate information and communicate through various digital platforms.

Major Achievements

25 College Graduates + 150+ Women

We have ongoing classes with 25 College Graduates, using various applications such as spreadsheets, documents, PowerPoint, etc. This helps them to develop skills around various online tools available and how to use them, with multiple features. These are essential skills for a professional career, and by knowing the tools, these graduates and women have gained a headstart and confidence.

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