Youth Development

About Project:

A positive youth development framework only occurs when there is a positive learning experience and positive relationship within the environment offered. As students graduate high school or college, they start looking for jobs in their favorable professions. However, only learning about the topic isn’t enough to land the job. There are other factors that should be known, such as communication, skills, and opportunities. ConnectNGrow provides training for fresh graduates on different topics. We match mentors and mentees with the same experience so that the best knowledge transfer can occur. Through youth development, we want to prepare young people to meet the challenges in the world and offer various emotional, social, and cognitive competencies to help them with their full potential.


ConnectNGrow believes that educating the youth is the solution to ending poverty. When one receives a quality education, it supports a youth’s social, emotional, cognitive, and communication skills. These skills allow them to earn a higher income and build a bright future.

Major Achievements

200+ College Graduates

We have ongoing classes with 200+ College Graduates to present them about Group Discussion, Making Presentation Skills on various topics in society or at the national level, so that the awareness is increased as well as the professional skills such as presentation in front of a group can be improved.

Compulsory Training

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