Since the key to empowerment is to break the cycle of poverty through education, many people want to give back to underprivileged people via education. ConnectNGrow has created a platform to provide access and increase awareness. ConnectNGrow delivers the platform for enthusiastic mentors to mentor the children, women, and senior citizens from low-income communities by providing them with the knowledge, skills, values, and support to help them achieve their true potential. From teaching underprivileged children to connecting with older people, ConnectNGrow gives any volunteers willing to mentor an opportunity to educate someone on various topics.

Our Vision is to enable underprivileged children and youth – who are the nation’s future – by providing education in English, Math, and more, as well as awareness about the development in the world. We want to connect privileged people who want to give back to underprivileged people in an education form.

It is a time for all to give back to the community.

ConnectNGrow’s mission is to create and support meaningful education and activities for anyone. We aim to provide a platform for the community to offer an education for everyone and anyone.

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