Women Empowerment

About Project:

In today’s world, women still can’t reach their full potential in the work environment because of their lack of knowledge. Most women aren’t even given the opportunity to learn something that can be beneficial. Even after years of standing up for equality, women in under-developed or developing countries are still forced to do labor work in the house.

ConnectNGrow aspires to extend the platform for the education, awareness, and training for women to enhance social and economic empowerment. We provide them with classes on important skills used in daily life, such as communication, learning to use Word or Excel, and even financial literacy! These small things make a person more prone to get accepted in a job offer, and we hope to motivate them to become independent and self-reliant.


ConnectNGrow’s main goal is to educate anyone and everyone. We hope that underprivileged women and girls can be given the same opportunity to learn basic things to help them survive in society. There is a lack of awareness yet in empowering women in the work environment, and ConnectNGrow hopes to do just that. No woman should ever be unequal because of their knowledge, literacy, or communication.

Major Achievements

150+ Women

Currently, we have ongoing classes with 150+ women, where we have weekly lessons to develop skills around English Grammar, Vocabulary, and conversation English in day2day life. This will help enable these women to build confidence in English communication.

Compulsory Training

  • Communication Skill

  • Financial Literacy

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